Design Week Fort Wayne


Our region is one of contrasts. On the surface, it may appear rural, conservative, and monocultural. Yet when looking past that surface, one will see an exuberant, multicultural, and creative population. It is a population of urban-dwelling, highly educated, global, and connected individuals with disposable income.

With this in mind, Wunderkammer Company is kicking off Fort Wayne’s first Design Week (DWFW). Events will run April 16 through April 22, with shows and speaking engagements open to design professionals and the general public. This year, DWFW will highlight five industries of design: fashion, architecture, marketing, design, and the arts.

Why We Need Design Week

Our design industries drive economic growth through the convergence of creative businesses, locations, and talents. These industries provide goods and services, these locations contribute to quality of life, and this talent produce creative content. Each brings wealth to the region and helps our economy thrive and flourish.

A vibrant creative economy is essential for the continued economic growth of northeast Indiana.

In northeast Indiana there are over 9,500 creative professionals. A Creative Census research project, conducted in 2015 with support from the Knight Foundation, found that over 30 percent of northeast Indiana’s creative economy is within the design fields, resulting in more than $100 million a year in economic impact.

Over time, DWFW will:

  • attract and retain talent.
  • highlight the city of Fort Wayne as a creative hub in the Midwest.
  • strengthen our marketing, art, and design communities.
  • establish connections between designers, institutions, and businesses.
  • improve the quality of life and bring in revenue through tourism.
  • integrate design and aesthetic values into everyday economic decisions.