Design Week Fort Wayne


Join us at Wunderkammer Company for the second annual Design Week Fort Wayne!

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MONDAY Graphic Design / Advertising

Learn how the visual arts, expert graphic design, and new marketing strategies converge
to inform how we consume media and advertising today.

All events will be held at Wunderkammer Company. (Get Directions)
Erin Loechner, author of the popular design and lifestyle blog “Design for Mankind,” will be on-site all day Monday to sell and sign copies of her new book Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey off the Beaten Path.

1–1:45 p.m. | Monday, May 8
Talk: Brett Bloom, cofounder, Half Letter Press

Artist, writer, activist, and cofounder of Half Letter Press, in Chicago, Bloom is on a mission to support people and projects that wouldn’t otherwise receive assistance through mainstream channels.

2–2:45 p.m. | Monday, May 8
Talk: Angela Hicks, senior inbound professor at Hubspot

Hicks holds a BFA in graphic design and an MA in advertising and public relations. She uses her extensive knowledge to teach about website design, contextual marketing, and user experience.

3–3:45 p.m. | Monday, May 8
Talk: Brian French, owner, French Paper Company

French is a sixth-generation salesman at French Paper Company, in Niles, Michigan. His focus is helping designers and printers make their projects a reality with quality stock.

4–4:45 p.m. | Monday, May 8
Designer Showcase: Matthew Plett, Ben Swygart, Mariah Knight

Hear about and see the creative work being done in and around our community. Local designers will show some of their recent work and hold a Q&A.

5–5:45 p.m. | Monday, May 8
Talk: Stephanie Carpenter, assistant director, Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum

Carpenter is an IU-educated graphic designer, letterpress printer, and book artist. She teaches letterpress and bookmaking workshops and serves as the museum’s archivist, in-house printer, digital-media specialist, and volunteer coordinator.

6–7 p.m. | Monday, May 8
Keynote: Stefan Sagmeister, designer and art director at Sagmeister & Walsh

Austrian-born designer, art director, and cofounder of Sagmeister & Walsh, in New York City. His work includes award-winning album art for the Rolling Stones and Talking Heads, stunning exhibitions at the Guggenheim Museum, and more.

7:30–10 p.m. | Monday, May 8
Networking: Artlink Drawn Together

Join us as we meet to discuss the day’s events and brainstorm new projects with the information gained. Appetizers and a cash bar will be provided to keep the conversations going, and partnering organizations will be on-site to engage our audience.

TUESDAY R&D / Innovation

Find out what’s happening in the world of forward–thinking design-meets-tech, and how the
changing face of the industry is altering how we interact with reality—virtual,
augmented, and otherwise.

All events will be held at Wunderkammer Company. (Get Directions)

1–1:45 p.m. | Tuesday, May 9
Talk:  A Funding- and Milestone-Driven Process Capable of Crossing the Valley of Death
Innovation drives economies. Some of the greatest innovations, like Google, have come from our universities. Though the United States is home to one of the world’s premier higher education systems and has a highly advanced entrepreneurial business culture, these two forces are disconnected by the valley of death, a narrow space in the life of an invention when it is too mature and too “applied” to be eligible for research funding and too immature for venture capitalists, talented entrepreneurs, or established companies to fund or license it. So there it sits, with vast, untapped potential. Traditional technology-transfer offices have tried to fill this gap; however, these models are outdated and show no results (95 percent are ineffective). The University Notre Dame is filling that gap with funding and milestone-driven processes that can be used by entrepreneurs across our region.
Matt Gardner, director of the New Venture Development & Investments Program, University of Notre Dame IDEA Center
Gardner developed and manages the commercialization process for all University of Notre Dame inventions. Prior to coming to Notre Dame, Matt oversaw the launch of nearly 120 start-ups through the University of Utah’s TVC Accelerator, helping the university achieve a ranking of No. 1 technology-transfer office in the country.
John Henry, director of Startup Programs, University of Notre Dame IDEA Center
Henry supports the launch and scale of Notre Dame start-ups. Prior to joining Notre Dame, Henry launched two successful online start-ups, worked in new product development for a public firm, and was a manager in a Notre Dame–based startup called Vennli.
2–2:45 p.m. | Tuesday, May 9
Talk: Michael E. Wever, partner at Barnes & Thornburg

Wever’s practice involves all aspects of intellectual-property law, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, intellectual-property agreements, and related litigation.

3–3:45 p.m. | Tuesday, May 9
Talk: Sue Ehinger, chief experience officer, Parkview Health

Ehinger, recent recipient of the Athena Leadership Award, is responsible for quality improvement and customer service at Parkview Hospital, where she has worked since 2003.

4–4:45 p.m. | Tuesday, May 9
Talk: Heather Schoegler, president of Augustus Advisors, Inc.

Schoegler’s background in community engagement and public relations has given her a passion for designing research-driven strategies that encourage growth, change, and well-being in the organizations with which she works.

5–5:45 p.m. | Tuesday, May 9
Investor Panel: Josh Parker, Cross Street Partners; Grant Schultz, North River Capital; and Anthony Caudle, Redtail Capital
Moderator: Hannah Stork, NEIRP

Investing in innovation: Find out who’s involved, what’s happening, and why it’s important, from a panel of investors.

6–7 p.m. | Tuesday, May 9
Keynote: Nicholas Thompson, editor in chief of Wired magazine

Editor in chief of Wired magazine, one of the world’s top tech publications, covering the changing world of cutting-edge tech and its effects on all of our lives.

7:30–10 p.m. | Tuesday, May 9
Networking: Start Fort Wayne

Join us as we meet to discuss the day’s events and brainstorm new projects with the information gained. Appetizers and a cash bar will be provided to keep the conversations going, and partnering organizations will be on-site to engage our audience.

WEDNESDAY City Design / Urbanism

Discover what’s now and what’s next for our city and our communities, and what’s on the horizon for the cities of the future.

All events will be held at Wunderkammer Company. (Get Directions)

1–1:45 p.m. | Wednesday, May 10
City-Executive Panel: James Brainard, mayor of Carmel, and Jeff Bennett, deputy mayor of Indiananapolis

Cities are designed by a variety of entities, but governed by only a few. Our city-executive panel will provide an overview of how mayors include design in their decision making and how they have implemented city design.

2–2:45 p.m. | Wednesday, May 10
Philanthropic Impact Panel: Brian Payne, Central Indiana Community Foundation; Patti Hays, AWS Foundation; and Deb Washler, Lincoln Foundation
Moderator: Alison Gerardot, Fort Wayne Community Foundation

Join us for a discussion of the role of philanthropy in city design, through the lens of a diverse panel of private, corporate, and community-foundation leaders.

2–2:45 p.m. | Wednesday, May 10
Talk: Adam Thies, AVP Capital and Planning, Indiana University. 

Adam D. Thies, AICP, was appointed Assistant Vice President for Capital Planning at Indiana University in August 2015. In this role, Thies advises the Vice President for Capital Planning and Facilities on matters of University Master Planning for all IU campuses, including Indiana University Bloomington, IUPUI, and all of IU’s Regional campus locations. Additionally, Thies oversees efforts to utilize university building space in ways consistent with the mission and objectives of the University.

Prior to coming to Indiana University, Thies was Director of the Department of Metropolitan Development (DMD) for the City of Indianapolis where he managed a professional staff of 75 city planners, redevelopment officials, transportation planners and design review/zoning professionals with an annual department budget of $32.3 million dollars.  In this role, he served as the executive leader of the City’s Community Development division, Planning and Zoning division, Historic Preservation division, Redevelopment Authority and Brownfields Program. Additionally, he served as the administrative leader of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), authorized all Tax Abatement Compliance, directed the City’s New Markets Tax Credit Program and served as a Cabinet Member to the Mayor on Economic Development Projects and Strategy.

4–4:45 p.m. | Wednesday, May 10
Talk: Melvin Henley, Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3)

A strategist, implementer, and advocate within the creative industry, Henley passionately promotes intercultural dialogue, creative diversity, and the exploration of opportunities for developing talent in his community and beyond.

5–5:45 p.m. | Wednesday, May 10
Impact of Investment Panel: Josh McManus, COO of Rock Ventures; Pete Eshelman, Owner/Founder, Joseph Decuis; and Rachel McIntosh, Impact Investing Strategist

We’ll discuss the relationship between impact investing and the growth and well-being of the cities that benefit from it.

6–7 p.m. | Wednesday, May 10
Keynote: Hugh Forrest, chief programming officer of SXSW Interactive Conference

Longtime chief programming officer of the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Conference in Austin, Texas, an event that brings together over 70,000 digital creatives from around the world.

7:30–10 p.m. | Wednesday, May 10
Networking: Sponsored by Promise Lutheran Church and in partnership with Congress of New Urbanism-Midwest Chapter (CNU). 

Join us as we meet each other to discuss the day’s events and brainstorm new projects with the information gained. Appetizers and a cash bar will be provided to keep the conversations going, and partnering organizations will be on-site to engage our audience.

THURSDAY Architecture / Interior Design

Join us as we hear from the top minds in the business and uncover the most current concepts being used to design the spaces where we live and work.

All events will be held at Wunderkammer Company. (Get Directions)

1–1:45 p.m. | Thursday, May 11
Talk: Josh Mercer, architecture and design manager at Knoll

With a background in workplace and federal-building design, Mercer is now a passionate collaborator in the architectural and design community who educates colleagues and clients about design heritage, workplace research, and sustainability.

2–2:45 p.m. | Thursday, May 11
Talk: Cory Miller of Elevatus and Josh Anderson of Anderson + Bohlander

Join Miller and Anderson as they discuss the renovation of Fort Wayne’s General Electric Campus.

3–3:45 p.m. | Thursday, May 11
Talk: Melissa Price, CEO and Co-Founder of dPOP
dPOP stands for People, Office, Places. The organization got its start by creating award-winning office spaces for the Quicken Loans family of companies. Their services are no longer just for Quicken Loans—they offer their superpowers to anyone and everyone who wants to be in the forefront of workplace culture.
4–4:45 p.m. | Thursday, May 11
Talk: Kimberly Smith, senior director of workplace strategy at Knoll

Smith is formally trained in design and spent many years working with top architecture and design firms around the world. She uses her background to assist clients in reaching culturally relevant workplace solutions.

5–5:45 p.m. | Thursday, May 11
Panel: Karen Niverson, Director, Columbus Area Visitor Center, Janice Shimizu + Joshua Coggeshall, Exhibit Columbus Curatorial Committee

Exhibit Columbus is an annual exploration of architecture, art, and design. It challenges today’s designers to develop new ideas with the power to transform communities.

6–7 p.m. | Thursday, May 11
Keynote: Margaret Cavenagh, interiors architect and designer at Studio Gang

Interiors architect and designer at the urbanism and architecture practice Studio Gang, with offices in Chicago and New York.

7:30–10 p.m. | Thursday, May 11

Join us as we meet each other to discuss the day’s events and brainstorm new projects with the information gained. Appetizers and a cash bar will be provided to keep the conversations going, and partnering organizations will be on-site to engage our audience.

FRIDAY Style (Fashion / Beauty)

Polish your style savvy to a shine with lectures, tours, and informative programming focused on the design process as it applies to fashion and beauty.

All events will be held at Wunderkammer Company. (Get Directions)

1–1:45 p.m. | Friday, May 12
Talk: Daniel Dejan, creative manager, Sappi Fine Paper

Haptic Brain, Haptic BrandA Communicator’s Guide to the Neuroscience of Touch
More than half the human brain is devoted to processing sensory experiences. Touch, in particular, is an important part of the communication process. The way we understand and interpret the world is fundamentally rooted in our physical bodies. So how things feel drives our thoughts and behaviors, influences our comprehension and retention of information, and profoundly shapes our emotional connections. Haptic Brain, Haptic Brand looks at communication through the lens of neuroscience, exploring how media shape the brain, and, consequently, the way a brand is perceived. This new publication examines haptics—the study of how our sense of touch shapes what we think—and explores the science that explains why haptic brains respond so well to haptic brands. Through profiles of companies that have built deep emotional connections by integrating touchable media into branded communications, Haptic Brain, Haptic Brand offers inspiration and education to designers, marketers, and brand owners, and shares guiding principles for all to use as touch points.

2–2:45 p.m. | Friday, May 12
Talk: Katie Driscoll, founder and president of Changing the Face of Beauty

Driscoll believes media and advertising can change perceptions and provide opportunities for people of all abilities. She has been featured on the TODAY show and interviewed by the Huffington Post, People magazine, and more.

3–3:45 p.m. | Friday, May 12
Talk: Mark Tevis, Publisher, The Daily Front Row

The Daily Front Row, the essential fashion publication for the industry’s A-list insiders, has benefited tremendously from the expertise of Tevis since his promotion to publisher, in 2015.

4–4:45 p.m. | Friday, May 12 Hoosier Ex-Pat Panel: Emma Meyer, Dorothy Combs Models; Brett Golliff, car designer at General Motors and a freelance shoe designer; and Samantha Baker, Abercrombie & Fitch

We’ve pulled together a collection of Hoosiers who have strong roots here in our region, but who now work at some of the highest levels of the fashion world. The panel will discuss how we can better develop, attract, and retain creative talent in the Midwest.

5–5:45 p.m. | Friday, May 12
Midwest Design Panel: Mary Mendez, Matilda Jane Clothing; Amanda Campbell, Vera Bradley; and Jon-Paul Capito, Hyde + Alchemy

Learn more about Midwest fashion design: the brands, the breakthroughs, and what the beauty between the coasts has to offer the wearable-design world.

6–7 p.m. | Friday, May 12
Keynote: Kathleen Rowold, professor and director, the Sage Collection

Director of Indiana University’s Sage Collection of historical and contemporary clothing, and one of the world’s leading experts on the social and aesthetic history of Western fashion.

7 p.m.–midnight | Friday, May 12
Closing Party

Help us celebrate the end of the second annual Design Week Fort Wayne! Mingle, network, and have some fun!